Ysgethin Inn, Talybont, Gwynedd
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Ysgethin Inn, Talybont, Gwynedd has been reviewed 1 times and has an overall rating of -5 points out of a possible 5, or -100%  negative feedback.

Ysgethin Inn, Talybont, Gwynedd has Terrible Rating Ysgethin Inn, Talybont, Gwynedd has Terrible Rating
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10/04/2012 22:15:55 Joanne Roylance Ysgethin Inn, Talybont, Gwynedd was given an Terrible Rating by Joanne Roylance
My partner and I went to this pub with our 3month old baby and to be honest were rather disgusted by the attitude of the staff. Our baby needed feeding and they refused to provide warm/hot water in order for us to heat a bottle of milk, they were rude when we asked and quite frankly were not much of a family pub. My partner then asked for a cup of tea, but they once again refused to provide one saying that they do not serve tea or coffee, yet they had facilities to do so in the dining area! We finished our meal quickly which by the way was equally as dreadful as the service. I would not recommend this pub in any way, staff are arrogant especially the proprietor, the food was over priced, far too expensive and also microwaved and it's a bit of a shabby pub too. [Report for Removal] Joanne Roylance

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