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Welcome to the Pubsulike help pages, we have tried to design our Websites so they are easy and intuitive to use, however if you need additional information then please take the time to look through these pages.

6 Month Free Trial Terms and Conditions

By joining Pubsulike for the initial 6 month free trial there is no obligation for you to continue with the membership after the period elapses.

There is no need to register a credit or debit card to take advantage of this offer.

Any information you upload including photographs may be made available after the expiration of the free trial.

By joining Pubsulike for the 6 month free trial you agree to use the site to promote your Pub, Bar or Inn and not to display any material which may offend.

Join Pubsulike Now!

Our existing Pubsulike members will be given an 18 month renewal period. i.e 6 months extra free!

This offer ends on 31/12/2008 so take advantage now!

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