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We are very pleased to announce that very soon an all new and completely free to join Pubsulike will be launched. The new site will incorporate numerous new features all designed to boost business for the beleaguered British landlord. Along with our new range of Free Apps for Android, iPhone and other mobile platforms the all new Pubsulike will bring new business to your Pub and all at no cost to yourself.
Completely new page designs, the ability to personalise your pages easily with drag n drop functionality. A new menu system with dozens of new designs and automatic PDF capability together with an email function to automatically send out copies of your menus to 'friends' of your Pub. Page site counters to let you know how many visitors have checked out your pages. A direct link to your own website, if you already have one. Antispam designed Email/Contact links. Google Streetview mapping and exact map positioning for Satnavs. Unlimited photos and Photo Galleries together with embedded video to show off your Pub and it's facilities to the best. This is not just the 'Facebook' for Pubs this is the all new Pubsulike!

Random Review - The Owl, Rodley, Leeds, West Yorkshire

S & B Robinson said of The Owl, Rodley, Leeds, West Yorkshire at 11/09/2011 10:24:02

"We booked a table for 7.30pm Friday 9/9/11 We entered the pub from the car park and our first impression was that it looked very scruffy. We were shown into an empty room with a few tables and were told to sit anywhere. We expected it to be very busy being Friday, but were told they had been busy Tuesday and Wednesday, and that Friday was music night and the band would be setting up in the room that we had been shown to. We should have left there and then, but the waitress said we could sit in the conservatory which we did and there was one other table occupied. My Husband went to the toilet and said that the floor was swimming, very smelly, and also there was no soap and the wall tiles needed a good wash. We ordered drinks, the Vodka and tonic came without any ice or lemon which I thought was a good start. The menu was not anything like the one portrayed on the Internet, but as it had said that it was probably the best food in Leeds and was portrayed as five star dining on the home page. We decided to give it a go. I ordered Scampi tails with chips and salad, and my Husband ordered the Gammon, egg and chips. The scampi was preformed and not scampi tails (probably frozen) the chips were very overdone and limp. The gammon was ok, the egg solid and again chips were overcooked and limp. We ordered a bottle of wine and the waitress put it on the table but left it unopened. The only thing that impressed us about this place was the large wine glasses which were to be fair very clean. Would we visit again or recommend to friends? DEFINITELY NOT. The party on the adjoining table were also not impressed and will not be visiting again. A waste of 37.40"

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This week's Featured Pub - The George, Mere, Warminster, Wiltshire

The George, Mere, Warminster, Wiltshire - This weeks featured Pub from Pubsulike

The George, Mere, Warminster, Wiltshire

This week's featured Pub is The George, Mere, Warminster, Wiltshire. If you would like the chance of your Pub, Bar or Inn being featured on the Front Page and Side Advertising Panel of Pubsulike completely free for a whole week all you need do is ensure we have at least one good quality photo of your Pub, Bar or Inn and up to date details.

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