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Old Inn, Clevedon, Avon has been reviewed 2 times and has an overall rating of 1 points out of a possible 10, or 10%  positive feedback.

Old Inn, Clevedon, Avon has Average Rating Old Inn, Clevedon, Avon has Average Rating
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14/04/2009 11:58:59 Si Purslow Old Inn, Clevedon, Avon was given an Excellent Rating by Si Purslow
I totally disagree with the comments posted by the other reviewer. The owner, Lesley, runs a tight ship and expects a certain standard of behaviour from those who use the pub - this does not include letting unattended children run around without supervision. The food and drink is excellent as is the service. Use the Crab Apple? I would rather cut my own leg off with a rusty saw than go to that pub. It's the closest pub for me in Clevedon but I'd rather walk the extra distance to The Old Inn any day of the week.[Report for Removal] Si Purslow
North Somerset
24/06/2008 15:40:46 A clevedonian Old Inn, Clevedon, Avon was given an Very Bad Rating by A clevedonian
This is the worst place to visit. the pub is pretty enough, yet the owners could curdle milk with thier poor customer service and cold food that is masqueraded as a hot menu and the mangers think nothing of abusing customers who want to use carpark, threatening them with a clamp. There are no signs anywhere in the carpark to indicate that would be the case! The mangers think nothing of abusing people in the road and god only knows why they were ever given the responsibilty of running a pub! I would advise anyone to avoid going there, the Salthouse, Crabapple all have excellent food and service and i would recommend anyone to avoid this place like the bubonic plague. (unless of course you want to be subjected to a tirade of abuse) Yes i had my children with me and they witnessed this! Absolutely shocking![Report for Removal] A clevedonian
North Somerset

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